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GuardianUTM Enterprise

Cost-effective Airspace
Management for Enterprise

Manage aerial access of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles operating on or around critical infrastructure

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Enable drones to operate safely by managing aerial access; dynamically approving or rejecting flights as required.

Gain immediate situational awareness of manned and unmanned flights operating co-operatively within airspace directly above a definable region.

Integrate with existing and new aerial monitoring hardware, including radar and C-UAS technology.

6. topcon

Ground Control Kit
GNSS Network RTK Rover &
the New MAGNET Construct App

HiPer SR & MAGNET Construct
The HiPer SR is a no-nonsense, robust and reliable receiver and with IP67 protection, it will get you “fixed” fast in any site conditions and in all weathers. As a Network Rover, this solution offers fast, accurate position-fixing on TopNET, our Network Correction Service. Providing a lightweight, compact solution for GCP installation and reporting.

– Capable of tracking GPS and GLONASS constellations
– Universal Tracking Channels capable of all-in-view tracking
– Hybrid Positioning ready
– Signal scrubbing Fence Antenna® to provide ultimate signal lock
– Highest accuracy positioning for RTK, network, and more

MAGNET Construct
– Easy and intuitive graphical interface to simplify common workflows
– Export complete field reports for control points including images
– Secure connectivity to MAGNET Enterprise service
– Single file exchange with MAGNET Field data collection software
– Instant data transfer while standing at active project sites
– Check-in/Check-out Licensing – share licences with other colleagues running the App
– Available within Google Play Store and Apple iTunes App Store

Package Includes:

– OAF+, HiPer SR, Net Only RTK, GGD10Hz
– MAGNET Construct mobile app
to use on your Android phone or tablet *
– GPS Composite Rover Pole (telescopic)
– TopNet 1 year limited RTK (incl. SIM) 40hrs pcm


* HiPer SR Bluetooth connection to Android devices only.
Bluetooth or WiFi connection on iOS devices is available with HiPer VR or HiPer HR.

For free demos or for more information please contact us on:

Topcon Positioning GB
2 Sandy Hill, Tamworth, West Midlands, B77 4DU

Tel. 0845 450 4300


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Information Engineering &
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Money may be the life-blood of a business, but information is what keeps it flowing.

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