Our Mission

We aim to make drone technology a trusted, well-governed and essential tool for the construction and infrastructure industries.

Together, we strive to unlock its immense potential; to transform construction and to expand the drone market to create a better and sustainable future for all our members.

What our members say


Paul Lindup
Project Manager at Network Rail Air Operations

Network Rails' Air Operations see a huge benefit of being part of the COMIT Drone Community. There are many drone groups in the UK but not many progress the industry as well. We are part of this community to assist in the growth of the UK industry but also to learn from the wider professionals

5. BAM_

Mark Brueton
Principle Engineering Surveyor

COMIT2drones is a fantastic community for like-minded specialists to collaborate and share ideas. It supports the UAV and construction industry by promoting best practices and new innovations.


John McKenna

We joined COMIT2drones to network with construction companies and to learn about state-of-the-art from fellow suppliers. We have been members for over a year now and can say that we get all of this and more. The organisers put an extraordinary amount of effort into every single interaction point and the result is exceptional. Highly recommended