about us

Our Mission

We aim to make drone technology a trusted, well-governed and essential tool for the construction and infrastructure industries.

Together, we are striving to unlock its immense potential; to transform construction and to expand the drone market to create a better and sustainable future for all our members.


We recognise that It is important to have a network of peers around you to help drive your organisation forward. 

Our quarterly networking events link the group together. The agenda and format can vary widely and reflects the needs of our members at the time. Previous events have been exhibitions, presentations and workshops. They are usually hosted by a member which helps to ensure they are spread across the UK.

Complimenting our events programme are virtual meetings that provide a wide range of business related support and advice. They also serve to showcase member’s services and achievements.


Projects are core to what we do and can be instigated by any member facing a challenge with advancing drones in the industry.

Proposals are vetted by the committee who will assemble a team with the required skills and expertise. The team will scope and manage the project and secure any external resources or funding that might be necessary. If applicable, test sites will be identified and the project evaluated in real-life environments. 

Progress will be monitored by the whole membership  and the final results will be published across the industry – ensuring that our members voices are heard throughout the construction and infrastructure sector.


In order to tackle the various challenges and opportunities of using drones in construction and infrastructure, our group consists of a broad and unique “ecosystem” of stakeholders.

We have client organisations, construction businesses, drone operators and trainers, manufacturers, software vendors academics and legal and insurance specialists.

To direct our efforts we have a Steering Committee which has a representative from each of our stakeholder groupsThis ensures that we are a members-led organisation and maintain a balanced and relevant program to deliver continual success.

What our members say


Paul Lindup
Project Manager at Network Rail Air Operations

Network Rails' Air Operations see a huge benefit of being part of the COMIT Drone Community. There are many drone groups in the UK but not many progress the industry as well. We are part of this community to assist in the growth of the UK industry but also to learn from the wider professionals

5. BAM_

Mark Brueton
Principle Engineering Surveyor

COMIT2drones is a fantastic community for like-minded specialists to collaborate and share ideas. It supports the UAV and construction industry by promoting best practices and new innovations.


John McKenna

We joined COMIT2drones to network with construction companies and to learn about state-of-the-art from fellow suppliers. We have been members for over a year now and can say that we get all of this and more. The organisers put an extraordinary amount of effort into every single interaction point and the result is exceptional. Highly recommended

how to JOIN US

Choosing to join our community is a positive step on a journey that will help you to achieve your organisation’s drone ambitions.

Membership is by application and can be initiated via the contact page on this website. One of our team will then get in touch to discuss your application and answer any questions you may have. 

Your application will be assessed by our Steering Committee who will be looking for mutual benefit, so if you are a service provider then you should already have a body of work in the construction sector or a product or service that would benefit the industry.

You will receive a decision within 14 days of your application.