Construction & Infrastructure



COMIT2drones (C2D) is the UK home for professional drone technology and services companies that operate in construction and infrastructure. Members are drawn from a wide variety of organisations and solutions providers, but all share the same passion for drone technology.

Be part of a dynamic community that is making a real difference. Get involved in our event and workgroup programmes and benefit from one of the UK’s leading drone networking groups.

There has never been a better time to COMIT2Drones

Events Program

Connect with your peers and decision makers in the industry. We hold regular events around the country that all members can attend.


Join our upcoming webinars to gain insights and guidance on topics and issues chosen by our members, for our members.


C2D workgroups are simple, manageable groups within the community that address specific challenges and opportunities that members face.


These support a wide array of members’ requirements where investment and funding is required to advance development in the sector.

“We hope to enhance all aspects of our operations by using drone technology. Working together with COMIT members we are exploring how drone technology can help keep people on the move.”

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